Uncertainty is present in all areas of life and our habitual behaviours determine our reactions to events and make them less effective problem-solvers. 


But the great news is that these habits can be unlearned and replaced with new patterns of behaviour to help us achieve our professional and personal goals. 


These 7 habits are a step-by-step process to build character before reaching immediate success. 


1- Proactivity: This is the trait that allows us to decide how to react to the challenges of our environment. It is the habit that makes us take the initiative, take responsibility for our responses. It comes first as it is essential to develop all the others. Don’t wait for things to happen, take the first step, only then will you stop being a problem in yourself and become the solution. 


2- Start with a goal in mind: It is necessary to know where we are heading. This is what gives meaning to our projects and that is why it is important to have it clear before putting any idea into practice. Goals are important in order not to waste time and energy. It is essential to create a mental image of the result we are looking for as this will be the guiding force to create your future.


3- First things first: Achieving goals is a continuous process and must be followed step by step. To do so, we must organise ourselves, make plans and set goals, hence the importance of prioritising. What is important comes first and we must know how to distinguish from what is accessory and useless, which is sometimes presented to us as urgent when it is not.


4- Think in terms of Win-Win: The attitude we must have in the professional sphere is to choose the best way for everyone, this is not a competition in which some win because others lose. The best way to transform our business is to recognise the merits of others and thus extend trust to others. Win-win or no deal, this is what makes us greater personally and professionally. 


5- Understand others before seeking to be understood: listening is the key to communication, as it is essential to know the needs of others. Establishing effective connections: when people feel understood, they are more willing to trust and even to change their minds. Talking is a technique but listening is an art. 


6- Create synergies: The combination of different points of view helps to improve ideas. Working as a team is essential to innovate, but to do so we must have a vision free of prejudices. 


7- Sharpening the saw: We must be in constant renewal. This habit is what makes us overcome obstacles and move forward, and for this we must pay attention to our physical, emotional, mental and emotional conditions. Balance is the result of this process of constant renewal.


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