Our History


Before 2009: Since his youth Juan Miguel Dasca always had the idea, the commitment and the energy necessary to found his own logistics company, he mentioned it among his close group of friends in which Gustavo Martínez was, with whom he shared his interest in founding the company. Juan Miguel, being a very active young man, began working in companies in the sector where he was quickly promoted to management positions due to his extensive value and ability to generate business in companies. He was recognized at work for his ability to create dynamic work teams and alliances with carriers, skills that would later prove to be strategic for the creation and consolidation of our future company.

2009: In 2009, the founding of Galadtrans 2009 became a reality, the first of the holding companies to be created, thanks to the ideas and drive of Juan Miguel Dasca and with the capital contributed together with his partner Gustavo Martínez with an initial contribution of only €3,000.  Being the figure of reference internally, from the beginning Juan Miguel assumes the positions of Administrator, CEO and Managing Director. During the first months and years of its constitution, Galadtrans experienced exponential growth due to the energy and enthusiasm that Juan Miguel exerted on the new people hired, especially those in the commercial traffic department, where he was its greatest driving force.

2012: The management committee is formed, which at that time would be made up of the Managing Director Juan Miguel and each of the department directors. The Management Committee took on the challenge of decisively improving the internal organization of our company and continuing to advance the company’s founding ideas.

2013: Alexis Dasca becomes part of the company’s shareholders, with at that time 3 shareholders being part of Galadtrans: Juan Miguel, Alexis and Gustavo. Alexis begins his career as commercial director.

2015: “Grupo Alianza de Multiservicios Logísticos y Mediaciones Globales, S.L.U.” is established.

2017: “Galadtrans” is presented as a success story at the IESE business school.

2018: Several relevant events occur within our organization that mark a turning point in our recent history:

  • Gustavo Martínez leaves the company and sells his shares to Juan Miguel Dasca, the latter becoming the largest shareholder.
  • Progress continues in improving the internal organization of our company and the position of company manager is professionalized when Juan Miguel Dasca hands over the position to Vicente Aguilar, a trusted person of Juan Miguel, with extensive experience in the logistics and known for his courage, determination and drive among peers.
  • Alexis assumes the position of Business Development Director, being the maximum promoter of the company with the large accounts that position us today as a benchmark in the sector. Also this year he joined the Steering Committee.

2021: Marks another important milestone with the establishment of the Family Council and the holding company “Alianza Logistics Servicios Europeos”.

2022: The CSR Committee is established.

2023: 2 important milestones occur:

  • Vicente Aguilar becomes a shareholder of the group of companies.
  • It was decided to make a strategic shift in our business model and acquire our own fleet of trucks through the purchase of shares in the company “Transleo Sur”.




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