Last Wednesday, 28 December, the Government approved new measures in response to the consequences of the war in Ukraine. This new Royal Decree-Law 20/2022, published in the Official State Gazette, includes a new system of aid for the purchase of fuel, among other measures.

After a year of strikes in the transport sector, especially during the months of March and July 2022, the government announced a series of economic measures for transport companies. Now, months later, it has once again announced a Decree-Law with new powers.

From now until 31 March, workers in the road transport sector will be able to benefit from 20 cents per litre refuelled in the vehicle benefiting from the refund of professional diesel. Subsequently, between 1 April and 30 June, the aid will be reduced to 10 cents per litre.

In order to benefit from this aid, the fuel must be paid for using the professional diesel card. The corresponding money for each litre will be returned at the end of each month to the bank account previously provided.

The aid is part of the Temporary European Framework for Ukraine, so companies must submit a series of declarations in order to receive the aid. The corresponding date for submitting this set of declarations is from 31 January to 30 June. These declarations are required in order to receive the aid:

– A declaration of responsibility expressly stating that the applicant company has been economically affected by the consequences of the Ukrainian invasion.

– A written declaration of any other aid received under the Temporary European Framework Ukraine (direct aid).

– A written declaration identifying the companies with which they are linked and associated.

On the other hand, this Royal Decree-Law also adds that tolls on roads managed by the General State Administration will only be increased by a maximum of 4%.

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