Last Saturday 25th November we planted our second forest in collaboration with the company ATM Natura. On this occasion, the ecological action took place in Villargordo del Cabriel, as part of an ongoing effort to offset carbon emissions and promote biodiversity in degraded areas.

The planting of this biodiverse forest is composed of 680 trees of different species (junipers, pines and junipers). These trees will improve soil and environmental conditions, contribute to the arrival of new animal species and provide a climatic refuge thanks to the forests’ ability to buffer extreme heat episodes. The forest will absorb 70 tonnes of CO2 over its first 50 years of life, protect the land from erosion and help regulate the water regime of the environment.

This project follows our previous initiatives such as the reforestation of 1 hectare of native forest in a degraded area of Alameda (Malaga) and the planting of 1000 fruit trees in Senegal. These actions, included in our latest Sustainability Report, have helped to offset 177,000 kg of CO2 and have contributed significantly to the restoration of the natural environment in these areas.


During the day, we were made aware of the reforestation of trees and the activity it entails. We were also able to enjoy fruit and vegetables for energy. After two hours of reforestation, 200 trees planted and between 4 and 5 kilos of waste collected, we went to enjoy a team picnic.

“One of our goals is to give back to the planet the resources it offers us, our collaboration with ATM Natura is another step towards our goal of being a carbon neutral company. We are also proud to contribute to the development of the local communities where we operate,” said Rubén Vidueira, marketing and communications manager at Alianza Logistics.

This initiative not only reflects our commitment to climate action, but also its focus on local impact. The planting of the forest will not only help offset carbon emissions from our sites in recent years, but will also improve air quality and provide habitat for wildlife in the region.

In addition to reforestation projects, it is also important to remember that we are moving towards more sustainable logistics with our nationwide operations by incorporating the second duotrailer into our services, which emits 30% less CO2.

This type of duotrailer is made up of two full-size trailers that are pulled by a single truck. This configuration emits less carbon per kilometre travelled compared to the alternative of two vehicles travelling independently, resulting in a significant reduction of the carbon footprint per load transported. According to current records, this measure can reduce CO2 emissions by more than 30% on each road trip. In line with our commitment to sustainability, the company’s truck fleet consists of vehicles that comply with Euro-6 emissions standards.

Alianza Logistics and ATM Natura plan to continue collaborating on new reforestation and conservation projects, focusing on specific areas to maximise their impact. This joint action represents a model to follow in terms of collaboration between companies and environmental organisations to create a greener and more sustainable future for all. In addition, the expansion of sustainable operations, including the adoption of efficient duotrailers, is evidence of our innovative approach to reducing our carbon footprint and contributing to sustainable mobility.


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