The president of FENADISMER, Julio Villaescusa, in an open letter to all the media and hauliers, has demanded as a matter of the utmost urgency the need for a Transport Chain Act for the future sustainability of road transport. 


He insists that although the government has promised to have the draft bill by 31 July, it is better to do it sooner and in a Royal Decree-Law, as the current conditions are unbearable for many companies and this procedure is quicker than a law. 


The letter also comments that the strike in March is a consequence of an inadequate transport policy carried out by those in charge of the Ministry of Transport over the last decades and mentions the problem of not having evolved in the transport market, which has led to non-compliance with the rules that protect the sector. 


He also highlight as a fundamental action, the measures included in the Royal Decree-Law that came into force in March and agreed in December, for the sustainability of the transport sector, established by the Ministry of Transport and the associations of the Road Transport Committee, but believes that the response of the Government and the associations to the rise in diesel and the invasion in Ukraine was inefficient. 


Supporting the Law on the Transport Chain, he insists that it is essential to approve it as soon as possible in order to establish the prohibition, by means of a sanctioning regime, of the sale of losses, of any transporter who provides transport services and also to ensure compliance with the rest of the measures. 


It concludes by warning of the dangerous consequences that can affect the economy of the state and even the democratic regime, because of the long time taken for a draft law to be passed, which can even take years, giving rise to revolts. 

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