Within the goods transport sector, special care must be taken with the transport of fruit and vegetables. This is a very delicate cargo as it cannot arrive in a bad state or out of date, so it must be transported in the best possible conditions. 


In order to maintain an optimum level of quality in this type of goods, it is necessary to avoid the attack of microorganisms and this depends on the state of the environment during storage and transit. Therefore, the following are the different factors to be taken into account when transporting this type of goods. 


Temperature control

Each product being transported has a set temperature which is included in reference books, but ideally for the transport of fruit and vegetables the temperatura should be provided in writing by the shipper as they have a historical knowledge of the product and the temperature at which it should be maintained. Many of these reference books may indicate lower temperatures and this can lead to bacterial or mould infections in the food. 


Air circulation

Inside the refrigeration unit the refrigerated air circulation must be maintained at the optimum temperature level. In transport there may be increases in this temperature but this should be unnecessary as this may result in the product arriving at its destination in poor condition. 


Correct relative humidity

This concept is defined as the ratio of water in an air mass at an existing temperature to the maximum temperature it can have. This humidity determines the condition of the transported products because if it is below the optimum range, the product may wilt. 

In the case of fruit and vegetables the range is 85%-95% if it increases to 100% it can cause mould on the produce itself.


Air exchange

It is important that there is an exchange of air inside the cellars, thus preventing volatile odours produced by the cooling gases of the fruits and vegetables. The contaminated air goes out and the incoming air has a lower pressure point. 


We have been transporting this type of goods for more than 20 years and we make sure that everything is in the right conditions to maintain the product and that it does not arrive in a bad state. In the form on the website we can help you with the transport of this type of cargo by simply filling in the details we ask for. We are here to solve your needs. 

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