In October we informed you that the flickering of the planing screen had been removed, but during visits and interviews with delegations you reported that in most cases it was still flickering. We have tried to reconfigure it. Please let us know if it is still flashing for any of you.

We send you the information we sent you on the new functioning of the EXPEDIENTS SCREEN.

From now on you will be able to choose how you want to view the “EXPEDIENTS” screen within the Planing. As you know, sometimes the EXPEDIENTS screen flickers, making it difficult to close, so from now on you will be able to customise how you want the “EXPEDIENTS” screen to open.

You can choose 2 options:

1º.- I want the flashing of EXPEDIENTS to disappear: you have to tick rebuild.
2nd.- I like the way it works until now, I don’t mind the blinking: you have to tick rebuild and communicate it to quality@.

If you have chosen the option I WANT THE FLAWING TO DISAPPEAR: from now on, a new button will appear to open the file window when you click on it.

In any case, you have to tick REBUILD:

We remind you that you must close all the tabs you have open in Ekon, click on rebuild, close Ekon and then you can open it again.


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