Alianza Logistics recently achieved EcoVadis certification and was awarded the Silver Medal for our environmental, social and ethical performance. It is an achievement that demonstrates the commitment we have maintained since 2009 to promote responsible business practices.

EcoVadis is an assessment platform that uses a scoring system to evaluate the social and environmental practices of companies. And our overall score was 66/100, placing us in the top 25% of companies. We are very pleased to receive this recognition and to continue working in our responsible and committed line with social, environmental and ethical practices.

Throughout this time we have developed sustainability policies and practices that include the creation of the Alianza Logistics Forest to offset our carbon footprint, as well as transparency and ethical disclosure actions on our website, where you can find various policies and other downloadable documents. We have also been involved in initiatives and partnerships with other organisations to provide humanitarian aid or promote healthy practices. Our most recent humanitarian collaboration was in Turkey.

In summary, the award of the EcoVadis Silver Medal is an outstanding achievement that demonstrates our commitment to sustainability and our efforts to promote responsible business practices. The organisation will continue to work to remain responsible and committed to social, environmental and ethical practices.


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