The hectic pace of life we live nowadays means that we have very little time in general and when we do have a few minutes to ourselves we just want to rest and we forget an important part, which is food


But eating healthy doesn’t have to be at odds with fulfilling your day-to-day responsibilities. For some time now, there has been a new trend called BATCH COOKING. It consists of setting aside a few hours at the weekend to cook and have healthy food ready for the whole week.  


One of the biggest benefits is that it brings us closer to home cooking, makes us have a friendly relationship with the kitchen and keeps us away from fast food and ultra-processed foods that are not good for the body. 


The secret to eating healthy with the Batch Cooking method is to organise your weekly menu. Dedicating a couple of hours a week to do this, a Sunday afternoon, or a weekday afternoon when you have more time to spare. It would be enough to organize your meals, prepare them, store or freeze them and get straight to the point at lunch and dinner when you don’t have enough time to cook. 


Apart from saving time, there are also advantages in saving energy, saving money as we buy what we are going to cook and above all it is good to consume seasonal food. 


We will have to take into account some aspects such as conservation. You can include foods that will last at least five days refrigerated or vacuum-packed. It is advisable to use ingredients that can be used in more than one dish. Do the shopping the same day you are going to cook and have suitable containers to store the preparations. 


Now we no longer have any excuses to have a healthy diet, knowing that with this method we can maintain an adequate organisation and it also allows us to make the most of the little free time we have every day to enjoy it for ourselves or with those closest to us.

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