The duotrailer is a topic that has been the talk of the transport sector for some time now. To clear up any doubts, to find out exactly what they are and to talk about their advantages, here is a brief explanatory summary.


The duotrailer is a set of two trailers joined together like train carriages. It is almost 32 metres long and has a capacity to transport 70 tonnes. These trailers are designed to be more efficient, they are of the canvas type and the tractor must have a minimum power requirement.


This type of vehicle brings with it a number of benefits:


  • It provides a reduction in CO2 emissions of up to 30% less.
  • By being able to carry almost twice as much cargo on the same journey, it saves on fuel and therefore offers cost savings.
  • It provides more space on the roads.
  • Facilitates fewer traffic accidents on the roads.


In the company we have expanded our services with this type of vehicle with two units, with routes from the south of Spain to the north. For more information about this service you can do it through our form or by clicking here.

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