The land transport of goods has many advantages, of which we can highlight, an economic price, greater versatility, time flexibility, ease of tracking and maximum security. Bearing in mind this last aspect and in order not to commit infringements, we must take into account the law and therefore drivers must carry mandatory documentation in the vehicle, for the load, the transporter and the vehicle.


Driving a lorry is not an easy task, so it requires a great deal of preparation, as well as a great deal of responsibility. The documentation to be carried by the carrier is as follows:


  • Driving licence.
  • CAP
  • ID card or passport. The passport will be compulsory depending on the country where the goods are to be transported. From 1 October it will be compulsory for the UK.
  • The diagram discs of the current day and the previous 28 days in case of analogue tachograph or the digital driver card in case of digital tachograph.
  • ADR certificate in case of transport of dangerous goods.


In addition, if it is an international transport, it will be attached: 


  • CMR road consignment note, in the case of international transport. 
  • International Commercial Invoice
  • Packing list.
  • Delivery note.


On the part of the vehicle it is compulsory to carry:


  • Valid driving licence.
  • ITV technical sheet
  • Vehicle insurance: must be up to date with payments.
  • Certificate of approval: this document verifies that the vehicle complies with the requirements for the transport of goods.


The cargo documentation is summarised in the consignment note, which explains the quantity of cargo and the type of goods being transported. In the case of dangerous goods, it is mandatory to include instructions for the driver

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