The organisation’s Quality Department is aware that the service we offer our customers is a differentiating element that adds value to us. For this reason, they work actively to improve the management system in order to avoid possible incidents, as our main priority is the satisfaction of our customers, and our aim is to offer them the highest quality service.


This department also interacts with all the company’s departments to provide optimal solutions to customers. We document complaints and claims through incidents. They carefully study each and every one of them in order to implement corrective measures and therefore prevent them from happening again. 


They are currently working hard to improve our management system and the detection of incidents occurring in the services performed, which will enable us to prevent incidents from recurring.


In addition, they are always willing to pass customer audits. In recent months, we have undergone two customer audits, the results of which were very favourable. 


In short, we are always open to listen and welcome feedback from our customers about the service we provide in our various departments, as this allows us to actively align ourselves with our company values: we are governed by respect, teamwork, honesty and commitment. We believe in business development under ethical responsibility, we take care of our customers, suppliers and employees around us.

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