For this year, we have gone for the difference in terms of corporate products, making reference to health and wellness for employees, partners and collaborators. 


The company wanted to provide a guide to healthy habits and good nutrition to promote the importance of mental and physical balance while enjoying a full life.


This small “manual” is distributed in three types of products, consisting of a fridge magnet with suggestions for a shopping list of healthy and essential foods in the daily diet, designed to be always in sight when we go to “attack” the fridge. 


On the other hand, the design of a mouse pad explaining seven habits to maintain the balance of your wellbeing and manage stress. 


We have also delivered a tritan water bottle, created with recycled copolyester resins, it is a material free of bisphenol (BPA and BPS) following our line of minimizing the environment impact, this avoiding breakage and making it lighter to carry and we give importance to drink at least two litres of water daily providing many benefits to our body. 


They show the SDGs in which the company is active and a BIDI logo that can be scanned for easy access to the company’s website. 


We hope they will be of great use. 

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