The international transport and logistics company, Alianza Logistics, is working to meet twelve of seventeen SDGs, which are promoted by the United Nations to achieve the 2030 Agenda.

Sustainability is incorporated in our corporate DNA, and although this is a year of change in all sense, we are proposing new strategies that continue to be aligned with the SDGs. Our corporate social responsibility manual explains the trajectory of the actions that we have taken and taking to achieve the 2030 Agenda, we are focusing on society, people and the environment.

Although we have been adhering to this UN proposal for more than two years, with the new strategic plan, new actions have been incorporated, which have resulted in an increase of these objectives achieving to twelve. Together with an expert team, we carry out an annual control that helps us to verify whether our actions comply with these objectives or with some others.

Complying with the health and well-being of the employees in the company, we refer to goal number three, accompanying and providing them everything we can to ensure that they have a healthy life. The provision of remuneration conditions in each job, job stability, flexibility, equality plan, are measures with which we achieve decent work (SDG 8), gender equality (SDG 5) and the reduction of inequalities (SDG 10).

Recycling in offices, saving paper by providing documents online, saving energy by using LED light bulbs, selective waste collection for special packaging, collaboration with green initiatives such as “Earth Hour” and using reusable packaging, all serve the purposes of goals number 7 on clean and affordable energy, 9 on industrial, innovation and infrastructure, 13 on climate action, 14 on undersea life and 17 on partnerships to achieve goals.

This year 2021, thanks to the sustainability report we have created, adhering to the global compact, having the credentials of the carbon footprint calculation, the design of an environmental compensation plan, the implementation of data management and cybersecurity, we will meet the objectives number 11 sustainable cities and communities, 12 responsible production and consumption and 16 peace, justice and strong institutions.

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