Dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and converging crises, including climate change, economic uncertainty, social inequality and growing misinformation, public and private institutions must demonstrate that they are accountable, ethical, inclusive and transparent.


The UN Global Compact has developed a “Declaration of Business Leaders for a Renewed Global Partnership”. It reaffirms business support for international cooperation, across sectors and generations to adapt to changing circumstances. 


Alianza Logistics has been working with 4 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the Global Compact since 2019. The aim is to support the core values of human rights, labour standards and transparency in corporate governance:


– SDG 5 Gender equality, 

-ODS  8 decent work,

-ODS  13 Climate Action 

-ODS  17 partnerships to achieve the objectives.


Among the activities carried out in relation to the SDGs and the 2030 Agenda, the company collaborates and helps different NGOs and associations throughout the year, carrying out solidarity actions, environmental awareness campaigns, calculating the carbon footprint with its environmental compensation plan, among others. 


We are convinced that the numerous actions we have implemented each year have contributed to making our activity more sustainable. That is why, in the future, we will continue in the line of minimising the impact of our activity in the environmental area, contributing in turn to improving people’s lives.

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