The mobility package aims to create a fairer and more competitive market for freight transport across Europe, improve working conditions for drivers, such as fairer wages and more flexible driving and rest times allowing them to return to their country of origin, and establish a cabotage regime. 


In February 2022, important new changes to this package, approved by the European Commission, came into force. In the last regulation, drivers were required to return to their country of origin every four weeks with a minimum rest of one week. The employer was also obliged to pay for accommodation, other than in the cab of the lorry itself, for the corresponding week’s rest. 


One of the changes that have been put into effect is that truck drivers who make one-way international transports must be registered as business travellers. They must also be paid accordingly if the destination country has higher wages than the wages in their country of residence. 


Likewise, those making cabotage deliveries in one country for an employer registered in a different country must also register as a business travel worker. And allowing a maximum of three such transport operations in a seven-day period, and thereafter not allowing them to enter for four days.


Finally, a vehicle owned by an EU company must be returned to its owner’s country of registration within eight weeks of departure.

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