Today, 25 September, we celebrate the 6th anniversary of the SDGs, goals to which we have been committed for 5 years. At Alianza Logistics, we have spent these years working on the promotion and realisation of the SDGs, focusing on six of them.

Each of these goals promotes a series of improvements for our environment and society. So today we would like to tell you a little about each of them.

-SDG 5, which seeks gender equality, is fundamental to us. We believe in the importance of empowering women and promoting diversity in our workforce. At Alianza Logistics, we work together to eliminate gender gaps and foster an inclusive environment. The percentage of women working in the company totals 44%.

-SDG 8, decent work and economic growth, is another of our pillars. Generating quality jobs and promoting sustainable economic development is essential to building a better future for all. That’s why at Alianza Logistics we take care of our entire workforce by offering flexible working arrangements, a hybrid or remote model and, ultimately, a family-friendly work-life balance.

-SDG 10, reducing inequalities, is also at the heart of our mission. We are constantly working to reduce economic and social disparities, promoting justice and equality.

-We cannot leave out SDG 13 and SDG 15, which focus on climate action and the life of terrestrial ecosystems, respectively. At Alianza Logistics, we are committed to protecting the environment and adopting sustainable practices to combat climate change. One example of this was the planting of our Alianza Logistics forest, helping to combat some of the CO2 we generate. We are currently working on new actions to offset our carbon footprint.

-Finally, SDG 17, partnerships to achieve goals, is central to our approach to our work. We work closely with partners and communities to create effective and sustainable solutions.

On this 6th anniversary, we renew our commitment to continue to contribute to the realisation of these SDGs. We thank all our employees, customers, partners and the wider community for being part of this shared mission. Together, we can build a more just, sustainable and equitable world.


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