On 17 June, during the Alianza Logistics 2023 corporate event, the “Loyalty 10 Years” awards ceremony was held. This recognition is given to employees who have been with the company for 10 years. On this occasion, six professionals received awards: Alfonso Romero, IT technician; José Carlos Pérez, traffic operator; Ángela Godos, billing department administrator; Manuel Velasco, traffic operator; Iván García, team leader; and Néstor García, head of the accounting team.

The Fidelity 10 Years Awards ceremony was a special moment to pay tribute to those employees who have been and continue to be fundamental pillars in the growth and success of Alianza Logistics. These professionals have demonstrated their dedication, their passion for their work and their commitment over the course of a decade. Each and every one of them has been with the company for more than 10 years, and although they share this quality, they have many other individual qualities.

Firstly, Alfonso has become indispensable for his work in the IT department. His extensive technical knowledge and problem-solving skills have been necessary for the development and continuous improvement of the company’s systems and security, among other factors. José Carlos Pérez received well-deserved recognition for his great work as a traffic operator. He stands out for his unbeatable attention, his ability to efficiently manage logistics operations and his daily commitment to the best service.

The meticulous and precise work of Ángela Godos in the invoicing department has also been recognised in the Fidelidad 10 Years Awards. Her professionalism and skills are a clear example of dedication and commitment to her team. Manuel Velasco, another outstanding traffic operator, was also honoured in this award. His ability to efficiently coordinate the flow of goods and his ability to solve logistical problems have been fundamental to the growth and success of Alianza Logistics.

At the event, Ivan Garcia was also honoured for his 10 years with the company, currently in the position of team leader. His outstanding ability to lead, motivate and guide his team is essential to the achievement of the company’s goals. Last but not least, Néstor García was recognised for his track record and his work in the accounting team. His extensive expertise in the financial area is essential to ensure sound and transparent financial management at Alianza Logistics.

The presentation of the 10 Year Loyalty Awards at the Alianza Logistics 2023 corporate event was a special occasion to thank those employees who have been with the company for a decade. The loyalty and commitment shown by Alfonso, José Carlos, Ángela, Manuel, Iván and Néstor are a clear example of the spirit and values of Alianza Logistics. Their dedication and camaraderie have contributed to the continued success of the company and have left a mark on the entire team.

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