Transport and logistics has traditionally been a male-dominated field, which has endowed it with a number of characteristics. However, the incorporation of women is as essential to transform the logistics world as is technology or sustainability. A different approach that the feminine side can bring and which we have been aware of from the very beginning in this company.

Alicia Roig is the Director of Sales, Image and Talent at Alianza Logistics and a member of the Management Committee. She is an indispensable figure within the organisation, “the compass of the team”, directing the operators’ direction. She is in charge of supporting our traffic colleagues and guiding the marketing department to establish actions inside and outside the company.

She is a firm believer that putting passion into everything you do and having the right people in the right place helps to harness a person’s talent, which is why she is involved in supporting employees on both a personal and professional level to maximise their full potential. She looks for tools and training that can be useful to our colleagues. She balances, brings positions closer together, makes sure that the pieces of the puzzle fit together, listens to people, thinks up and proposes new things, making us see that everything is possible.

Together with the business development department, they aim to ensure the smooth running and service required by both the sector and the company itself.

Alianza Logistics, as a committed and sustainable company, reinforces labour equality through the full implementation of conciliation measures and flexible working hours, managing salaries without distinction of gender and promoting the figure of women in any of the positions within the company.

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