In a decisive move towards the expansion of its operations, Valencia-based freight forwarder Alianza Logistics has carried out a visit to Barcelona’s BEST Terminal in collaboration with rail service provider Synergy. The main purpose of this visit was to explore possibilities of collaboration and strengthen alliances to promote the transport of goods between the BEST Terminal and Toulouse.

The BEST Terminal in Barcelona, renowned for its efficiency and capacity in cargo handling, has emerged as a hub for logistics companies seeking to optimise their supply chains. Aware of the strategic advantages offered by this location, Alianza Logistics has decided to investigate possibilities for expansion and improvement of services by making use of those offered by the terminal’s intermodal logistics operator, Synergy.

During the visit, Alianza Logistics representatives had the opportunity to tour the BEST Terminal facilities and closely evaluate the infrastructure and operational capabilities. In addition, a meeting was scheduled to identify specific areas of collaboration that could be beneficial to both companies and their customers.One of the key initiatives discussed during the visit was the implementation of a regular rail service connecting Barcelona’s BEST Terminal and Toulouse three times a week since November. This service not only improves transit times, but also offers a sustainable transport alternative.

The collaboration between Alliance Logistics and Synergy is not only limited to improving rail services, but also seeks to implement innovative solutions, such as the use of advanced technologies for monitoring and tracking cargo. The digitisation of logistics processes is crucial to ensure an efficient and transparent supply chain.
The collaboration of Alianza Logistics, with its expertise in land and maritime services, with Synergy, with its expertise in rail services, promises to boost logistics efficiency and offer comprehensive solutions to the challenges of transporting goods between the BEST Terminal and Toulouse.

In short, Alianza Logistics’ visit to the BEST Terminal in Barcelona marks a step forward in strengthening partnerships and expanding logistics services. This strategic collaboration not only seeks to optimise current operations, but also to open up new opportunities in the field of international logistics.


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