Alianza Logistics has once again designed its sustainability report in which it takes stock of its activity during 2022 in relation to environmental, social and ESG criteria and renews its commitment to the ten principles of the UN Global Compact and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), through this reporting exercise.

Alianza Logistics launches its 2022 Sustainability Report under Global Reporting Initiative standards

For the third consecutive year, Alianza Logistics has prepared this document according to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards, the most recognised, prestigious and demanding international sustainability reporting standard for organisations with business activities.

This third Sustainability Report 2022 is the result of the Strategic Business Plan, in which we prioritise our actions in ESG criteria (environmental, social and governance). We have carried out the second Materiality Study (included in the Report), involving our stakeholders in our sustainability strategy.

This report highlights the main milestones for 2022 related to sustainability and also the renewal of its commitment to the SDGs for which a new adoption strategy has been defined with the aim of integrating them transversally through strategy and management.

Aligned with environmental sustainability, this report highlights the registration of its carbon footprint, carrying out external verification work of the calculations to ensure our calculation methods used and allow the registration of all the scopes in the Ministry of Ecological Transition.

The document also summarises Alianza Logistics’ major environmental management actions incorporating measures such as waste reduction, reuse and recycling. At Alianza Logistics, we promote a culture that favours the implementation of these actions. For this reason, we develop internal communication strategies related to the promotion of good waste management practices.

With regard to the social aspect, for Alianza Logistics, business success means having a positive impact on our environment, and for this reason we develop social impact strategies and actively collaborate with different organisations and non-profit entities that seek to support the most disadvantaged groups.

In terms of Governance, we are committed to quality employment and we strive to offer our team a working environment that encourages their well-being, work-life balance, stability and development.

Our employees are the cornerstone of the Alianza Logistics Group, and without them it would not be possible to be and achieve what we are today. That is why we seek to implement actions that contribute to their well-being and growth, both at work and in their personal lives.

Our commitment is to produce the next editions of our sustainability report on an annual basis, to set increasingly ambitious sustainability targets and to communicate them effectively and transparently to all our stakeholders.

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