From Alianza Logistics, we reaffirm our commitment to sustainability and the environment through our certification of carbon footprint reduction, issued by the Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge.

To obtain the “Calculate, Reduce and Compensate” badge, we have undergone a thorough study of the different sources of emissions in the period 2018-2021. A technical report endorses an average reduction in the CO2 emission ratio, which places us as one of the first companies in the transport and logistics sector in Spain to obtain this seal.

The carbon footprint reflects the total greenhouse gases emitted, either directly or indirectly into the atmosphere.

In the case of companies, the carbon footprint measures the amount of gases emitted into the environment as a result of their business activity.

Measuring the carbon footprint allows us to identify its sources of greenhouse gas emissions and, as a result, establish the most effective measures for its reduction. Currently, to compensate for this effect, we have worked on a plan to favor biodiversity and mitigate the risk of desertification. For this reason, we have created the Alianza Forest together with the City Council of the town of Alameda, in Malaga, and Folia Project. The forest plantation of 700 wild native species trees such as pines, carrascos, and holm oaks. These cover about 1 hectare and will absorb 177 tons of CO2 over their first 50 years of life. In addition, due to the risk of erosion present in the area, the forest plantation will help protect the soil and thus prevent desertification of the area. In our latest carbon footprint report, we can observe these certified and audited data.

We are proud to have obtained this badge, and we continue to work to mitigate and compensate for our emissions.

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