As a provider of land and marine logistics solutions, the company has joined UNO Logistics as a full partner. UNO represents the interests of companies that design, organise, manage and control the processes of one or more stages of the supply chain.

Uno Logística has more than 350 members who seek to improve their competitiveness in an environment of legal certainty and open competition. Among its members are the most prominent companies in the sector, both nationally and internationally, representing a significant portion of the market, both in terms of total turnover and in terms of volume of shipments and human capital. In addition, alongside these companies, there are small and medium-sized organisations that are experiencing joint growth with UNO, forming part of its entity and acquiring increasing weight and importance in the market.

The logistics solutions provider, which in the last month has opened a marine division and a new office in the World Trade Center in Barcelona, has partnered with the organisation that represents the logistics sector in Spain. This field accounts for 6% of the country’s GDP and UNO’s mission is to promote and disseminate logistics activity as a key sector of the Spanish economy, generating wealth and employment.

The logistics sector moves more than 500 million shipments and 5 million tonnes per year. It also employs more than 800,000 workers and is a key sector for Industry 4.0 and e-commerce. This membership is important as a way to contribute to the development and defence of the interests of the logistics sector in Spain. Alianza Logistics is currently in a growth phase with projects under development and new services. With the opening of the new delegation, the firm now has nine delegations on the Iberian Peninsula.

In conclusion, Alianza Logistics’ partnership with UNO Logística marks an important milestone in the company’s growth and development. As a provider of land and marine logistics solutions, Alianza Logistics has joined an organisation that represents the logistics sector in Spain, a sector that plays a key role in the country’s economy. With this membership, Alianza Logistics will not only contribute to the promotion and dissemination of logistics activity, but will also be able to defend the interests of this key sector in Spain.

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