On 15 February, Alianza Logistics welcomed the new office in Almenara.  This new space has been designed under the concept of a flexible office, without assigned positions and much more human.

Designed to promote collaborative and teamwork, it has been created under the concept of a knowledge hub; to promote creativity, innovation, learning and entrepreneurship.

The new Alianza Logistics office is born with a new approach to collaborative space

The new Alianza Logistics office has a new approach to collaborative space, aimed from day one at creating a working community in a new environment, focused on developing projects and actions to promote creativity, innovation and the collaboration of multidisciplinary teams between the people who work in the company, its customers and suppliers.

The office is totally open, focused on the inclusion of the staff, i.e. it is created to eliminate barriers between different positions and to promote equal opportunities.

The spaces are multifunctional and even have elements of a home, such as a kitchen, a sofa area for relaxing and chatting, and a space for holding meals or catering.

The office also has meeting and screening rooms, which will be used to train the team and also suppliers and partners in the company’s culture.

At Alianza Logistics, the commitment to sustainability is key. And, in this line of work, we have brought together important features of environmental respect, control and energy efficiency and, in addition, it allows us to adapt to new forms of hybrid work.

The new offices have LED lighting throughout the office and large windows to let in natural light from outside; efficient use of water supply; acoustic insulation and remote monitoring of all electrical consumption with network analysers.

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