The Alianza Logistics Group has demonstrated its commitment to gender equality and non-discrimination by implementing an Equality Plan and a Protocol against harassment in the workplace. The company’s management has established clear and concise policies in this regard and has incorporated equal opportunities between women and men as a strategic principle of corporate and human resources policy.

In 2022, Alianza Logistics adopted an Equality Plan that expressly prohibits any form of discrimination based on gender, ethnicity, economic status or any other social factor. The company is committed to achieving real equality, which means not only eradicating discrimination, but also ensuring that men and women have the same opportunities to join the company, to be hired and to enjoy the same working conditions, promotion, training, pay and work-life balance.

Alianza Logistics will continue to work to put the above principles into practice through the promotion of equality measures and the implementation of its equality plan. The company will also establish monitoring systems to evaluate and measure progress towards real equality between women and men in the company and, by extension, in society at large.
In summary, Alianza Logistics is committed to gender equality and non-discrimination, and has taken concrete steps to ensure that these values are translated into action.

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