At Alianza Logistics, as a company committed to society and people’s well-being, we have collaborated with Square Green Capital’s Hunger 0 project to send humanitarian aid to those affected by the earthquake in Turkey that took place on 6 February in the province of Hatay.

First of all, we have contributed with a financial aid of 2,000 euros for the people who have been affected by this natural disaster. We know that any gesture is important for them and that is why we have not hesitated to make our contribution.

In addition, as specialists in logistics and transport, we also wanted to contribute our experience in managing this type of situation. For this reason, we have organised the transport of the truck with the humanitarian aid to the epicentre of the earthquake, so that it can be distributed effectively and reach all the people who need it.
We care about people’s wellbeing, so we are committed to helping as much as we can in situations like this. We hope that our contribution can be of help to those affected by the earthquake and that they can soon recover from this hard blow.

At Alianza Logistics, we continue to work to improve people’s quality of life and to do everything we can to help those who need it most.


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