Alianza Logistics has joined a new solidarity initiative with Save the Children. This is the “By your side” program, with which the NGO is helping those families who have been most affected by the health crisis.

Alexis Dasca Simón has pointed out that “at Alianza Logitics we have been collaborating with solidarity initiatives and with Save the Children for many years, thanks to our commitment and collaboration, we want to contribute an amount of money each month to help all those families who need it so much”.

The Save the Children’s program “By your side” allows the purchase of food and basic needs, psychological support for parents, accompaniment to carry out school activities at a distance or care for protection in any situation of violence. The challenge helps more than 2,000 families affected by the coronavirus health crisis.

Alianza Logistics actively collaborates with different organizations and non-profit entities that seek to support the most disadvantaged groups. The company is committed to collaborations that provide a greater impact on society. Collaborations with the Red Cross, Food Bank, Almenara City Council, hospitals and schools.

We are convinced that the numerous actions that we have been implementing each year have contributed to making our activity more sustainable. Therefore, in the future, we will continue to minimize the impact of our activity in the environmental area, contributing in turn to improving people’s lives.

Alianza Logistics is a company with the desire to be part of a society that is better for people and the environment every day, that is why we believe in the need to participate in initiatives that allow us to achieve that goal.

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