On September 17, the Alumni Association, Triple A, of the Escuela De Empresarios, EDEM, celebrated its twelfth anniversary with a gala dinner that took place at the Las Arenas spa hotel and was attended by more than 130 partners. Of the entity.

Triple A is made up of EDEM alumni, both from the University Center’s undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and from its Management Training programs. Of the nearly 50 members that the association had during 2009, the year it was founded, the number of 700 members currently has risen to more than 700, many of them important businessmen, executives and professionals representing the Valencian business community. .

This association has the mission of facilitating and fostering links, both personal and professional, between associates and with EDEM, through educational and recreational activities. Therefore, they had the opportunity to enjoy the conference of the doctor and the speaker Mario Alonso Puig, “The power of decisions, what story do we want to be protagonists of?”. He spoke about striving to find that professional and personal balance, giving 5 tips:

1) Avoid taking the position of victim

2) Focus on getting what you want

3) Use a language that helps you, not that cancels you change the “is that …” for the “you have to”.

4) Have a spirit of collaboration

5) Be a free spirit. The truly free people are those who live by what they decide.

Alicia Roig, Alexis Dasca, Danielle Nigi, Alianza Logistics employees and EDEM students attended the event, thanked the conference and the post-summer dinner. Within the company we bet that our staff have continuous training. We like to enhance the strengths of each team member and improve other skills with Talent Academy.

We help, get to know and accompany each one so that they feel at home and shine with their own light.

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