Aware of the important role that the company plays as a social actor today, Alianza Logistics has created its own “Sustainability Committee”. Following its path towards a more sustainable management, the company aims to generate a greater impact in all areas: labour, social and environmental, as well as with customers, suppliers and institutions.

The committee is made up of Pablo Cervera, director of People Management, María González, head of the quality department, Marta Golck, management systems technician and Rubén Vidueira, marketing technician. Its function is to promote projects to measure the company’s progress in all areas, continually improving its social and environmental impact.

The ATM Natura consultancy accompanies the company from the preparation of the strategic CSR plan to the design of effective internal and external communication. In this process, it is important to establish a system of indicators to measure the effectiveness of the actions implemented and to conclude with the preparation of the Annual Sustainability Report.

It is important for the company to have a purpose, and it is equally important to share it with the company’s different stakeholders. Both managers and employees must be involved in order to generate a real impact and to spread it to the most relevant processes.

The commitments made by the Committee are specified in the following points:

To manage the company in a transparent manner with a focus on social and environmental performance.
Promote a quality and safe working environment, favouring equality and decent work.
Promote local economic and social development.
To provide a quality, efficient logistics service with the lowest possible environmental impact.

The company seeks to integrate sustainability in each of the projects it undertakes with the aim of promoting changes in its sector towards more responsible practices, generating shared value for society. Its strategy as a group of companies is aligned with the ten universal principles proposed by the Global Compact and, in turn, contributes directly and indirectly to the Sustainable Development Goals promoted by the United Nations within the framework of the 2030 Agenda, which seek to promote the sustainable development of the planet.

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