As a result of land desertification, 75 billion tonnes of fertile land are lost every year on earth and approximately three quarters of Spain’s territory is classified as arid, semi-arid or dry sub-humid. This means that these three quarters of our country are vulnerable to desertification. That is why we have taken action to help this cause and have created the Bosque Alianza.


This project began in 2021, when we started the procedures to obtain the “Calculate and reduce” seal of the National Carbon Footprint Registry. To offset these emissions we have been working on a plan to encourage reforestation and desertification of the land. For them we have planted the Bosque Alianza together with the Town Council of Alameda, in Malaga and Folia Project



On the 8th of April, 700 trees were planted, including pines, holm oaks and holm oaks. These cover about 1 hectare and will absorb 177 tons of CO2 during their first 50 years of life. In addition, being a burnt area and at risk of erosion, it will help to protect the soil and thus avoid the desertification of the area.


We are aware of the current state of the planet and see it as very important to inform, raise awareness and promote actions to protect the environment. Any action, no matter how small, contributes to the help that the planet needs so much.

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