Most of the traffic, for the transport of goods in Spain, is done by road. This is because it is an effective delivery service, being this what every company seeks to give shipping service of its products to its customers. Here are five advantages and five disadvantages of using this service.






Road transport offers a more competitive price compared to other types of transport. This is because road transport vehicles don’t require extra infrastructure for transport, only the vehicle itself.




It is highly versatile when it comes to delivering  the goods to the consignee, as it allows easy access to the consignee’s premises and guarantees delivery with maximum guarantees. 




It adapts to timetables and even transport routes, making it easy to meet delivery deadlines or reach areas that are difficult to access, thanks to the creation of a new route to optimise delivery. 




It allows all types of goods to be moved, even the most dangerous. Wheeled vehicles adapt to any type of load and offer all safety guarantees.  




Speed is a key factor in the sector due to its time flexibility. It is a fairly fast service in the short and medium distances and consequently its response capacity is greater, allowing a better service to customers. 






International shipments are feasible by land  transport to move goods to a neighbouring country, more distant regions on the other side of the ocean are not feasible, this would be a logical disadvantage. 


Low carrying capacity


Vehicles such as trucks and trailers have a lower capacity than ships as they can carry thousands of tonnes of goods. Exceeding the maximum weight may damage the vehicle.


Accident rate


Although the number of traffic accidents involving lorries on Spanish roads is decreasing every year, this method of transport has more accidents per year compared to other modes of transport. 




Traffic cannot be controlled and is therefore exposed to areas where traffic jams can occur and delay measures. 




Many trucks still run on petrol, which is more damaging to the environment. However, more and more modern engines are making the leap towards greater sustainability by using natural gas. 

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