Due to the growth we are currently experiencing, Alianza Logistics wanted to reinforce its company structure by creating a new line of business, Alianza Partner.


This new activity has been created with the aim of helping small and medium-sized transport companies, people who are self-employed and are dedicated to the purchase and sale of goods transport and also people who are thinking of starting their own business in the world of transport.


What does it consist of?


It consists of merging these companies with Alianza Logistics, allowing them to focus only on their commercial structure. A way for them to outsource all areas of their company, relying on Alianza Logistics and at the same time, having a strong support behind their business.


Once a company wants to join Alianza Partner, it will have at its disposal the following services for its customers: financial resources, confirming, financed transfers, advances … They will also benefit from the brand image and reputation of Alianza Logistics, the marketing department, quality department, credits and credits insurance.


Another important resource is that the people of these companies will be continuously training, as will all the employees who make up the company today. We believe that we have to be updated in new knowledge and strategies, at all times and once they belong to the team they will have that opportunity.


This new activity is all benefits since the Partners will have the possibility to extend routes and services to existing customers, reinforce their security, give more confidence, get more workload, get new clients, groupage services throughout Europe, refrigerated equipment, mono temperature and bi temperature and warehousing throughout Europe.


In short, Alianza Partner is the best way to make transport companies grow, providing the best service to their customers and focusing on further enhancing their business.


Do you want to be part of Alianza Partner?


In the Alianza Partner section of the website you have more information and also a form to fill in if you want to join the Alianza family as a Partner.

We look forward to working with you.

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