2020 has been one of the most complicated years for the whole world. Suffice it to mention the radical change brought about by the arrival of the coronavirus and its consequent economic crisis, plus the presence of phenomena such as hurricanes, fires, earthquakes and a long list of stressful situations.


However, the difficult international situation need not prevent us from enjoying life as it is. While there is not much we can do to prevent global tragedies from affecting us, we can take care of ourselves, energetically.


If you find yourself suffering from an energy ‘slump’, there are ways to recharge your batteries to face the world with more optimism.


Here are 7 ways to protect your energy


1- Be selective with the people you invest your time with.

The number of social relationships does not correlate with one’s happiness. Rather, it is the quality of these relationships that provides us with true well-being, personal balance and the satisfaction that allows us to gain wisdom. 


2- Take time to be with yourself.

When we take time for ourselves we gain clarity, we think differently and usually do not argue, but rather argue. Feeling good about yourself is essential to be happy and to enjoy life to the fullest.


3- Set limits whenever necessary.

We often find it very difficult to say “no” and this happens both in social relationships and at work. But if we do not set limits it can generate feelings of low self-esteem, guilt and frustration. Assertiveness is a tool that helps us to express our needs and communicate what we want and what we don’t want.


4- Put your phone in aeroplane mode.

At the click of a button, aeroplane mode can disconnect you from the world, giving you a sense of freedom. It is one of the best ways to devote yourself to what you really want at that moment without any distractions.


5- Ask for help when you need it.

Good perceived social support, whether economic, emotional, affective, etc., is one of the main buffers against negative emotions, such as anxiety, anger or sadness. Knowing how to ask for help is related to positive emotions, such as the feeling of being loved and cared for by others. 


6- Listen to your mind, your emotions and your body.

Illness or bodily pain is a wake-up call that directs the body to unmet needs. This suggests to pause and evaluate them. It is important to know and learn about oneself and to remedy what is missing and prevents our free personal development.


7- Be guided by your intuition, not by external opinion.

Intuition is all the knowledge we possess, consciously or not, as a result of our individual and collective experiences, which is why it is vital when it comes to making decisions. 


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