It is important that drivers are in excellent physical and mental condition when driving. Fatigue and tiredness at the wheel are two states that occur when driving for too many hours and are also very dangerous as they increase reaction time on the road by up to 86%.


Loss of concentration, itchy eyes, blurred vision, continuous blinking, dehydration or being uncomfortable in the seat are some of the symptoms of driving fatigue that can be remedied by applying these 7 tips.


  • Hydration: Staying hydrated is essential, so it is advisable to have a bottle of water or a soft drink on hand.
  • Stopping every two hours: of course, for long journeys, it is essential, not to say obligatory, to stop every two hours for at least 15 minutes, including stretching the joints.
  • Avoid heavy meals: driving on a full stomach tends to make you drowsy. Foods such as avocado, banana or cocoa are good for combating tiredness.
  • Get enough sleep: to face a long journey, it is best to have had enough sleep the night before.
  • Avoid critical hours: Between 2am and 5am and 1pm and 3pm are usually the body’s biological critical hours that produce micro-sleeps, so schedule your trip so that it does not coincide with these hours. 
  • Medications: Avoid taking medications that cause fatigue such as painkillers or antihistamines. 
  • Ventilate the vehicle: opening the vehicle window to let air in is good for ventilation and also makes people more relaxed when driving.


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