The pace of life we lead, against the clock, where stress is always present, makes us more vulnerable to mental illnesses. Increasingly, these illnesses are affecting us as a society, particularly depression and anxiety.


The company is committed to helping people manage this stress in the best possible way, so we have compiled 7 habits to help you take care of your physical, emotional and mental health: 


1. Take care of your FOOD: make sure it is balanced, increase your consumption of fruit and vegetables, which should be the basis of our food pyramid, especially raw food, which will provide you with the amount of vitamins, minerals and fibre necessary for proper digestion. It is better if they are natural productos without additives, organic, wild fish (avoid fish farms), meats from natural pastures (not hormone-treated and natural food). Avoid processed foods, limit flour, especially gluten, sugars and dairy products from cows.

2. EXERCISE according to your physiology, to keep you agile, detoxify, It helps mobilize fat and most importantly oxygenate your blood and organs. You don’t have to go all out with running if you don’t like it, you can start with walks, dancing, pilates… and gradually increase the intensity and frequency. The best thing to do is to combine elliptical, weight training, high intensity and flexibility. Avoid lifts, take the stairs and everything that is less than 3 km away, on foot!!. Get out of your chair to avoid a sedentary lifestyle.

3. Sunbathe 15-20 minutes a day, exposing as much of your skin as possible, at times when the sun is not too strong. It is recommended before 12h or after 17h and without sun cream to be able to absorb the necessary vitamin D. If you have very sensitive or white skin, start slowly, with a few minutes, to get your skin used to the sun. 

4. Have CONTRIBUTIONS. We have many activities that exhaust us, saturate us or worry us, we have to compensate for these expenses: Listening to music, dancing, painting, reading, going for a walk, going out with friends/family, a relaxing bath, etc… things that you like and make you feel good.

5. Take care of BIORHYTHMS: the night is for sleep (between 7-9 hours). It is necessary for cellular repair, to recompense and to have energy. At 23h we should be in bed and one hour before we should stop watching TV, tablets, mobiles… To facilitate sleep and rest, as this is not about sleeping a lot, but about sleeping well, with quality. If you find it hard to sleep, you can use valerian or melatonin, all in the dark and without lights that can activate you.

6. MEDITATION, relaxation and disconnection. It is important to leave your mind “OFF” and to know yourself and focus on what really matters. It consists of focusing on breathing and listening to your body, concentrating and letting your brain rest, which doesn’t stop even when you sleep. The so fashionable “mindfulness” helps a lot, guided meditations, nowadays there are hundreds of Apps for it. You can also opt for yoga, pilates, body balance… to find balance and eliminate stress. Nowadays we live full of worries in constant tension and we need a pause.

7. Contact with NATURE, it makes us feel good, walking through a forest, a natural park, the beach… connecting with our origins and breathing fresh air. Don’t you feel a sense of wellbeing when you are in these areas? It’s normal, our memory reminds us that this is where we come from.


Collaboration of Alicia Roig, Director of Sales, Image and Talent.

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