We are committed to breaking with the seasonal nature of transport and we operate normally during the holiday period to help the thousands of companies that need the freight transport service, which is so difficult to find at this time of year. 

Despite traffic restrictions and the usual holiday traffic jams, Alianza Logistics manages to meet the delivery deadlines agreed with its customers. For the company, punctuality is one of its hallmarks, and as such it is very present in each of the orders placed.

We are also aware of the added difficulty for our drivers and collaborators of travelling at this time of year, so we are passing on some driving tips:

  1. Keep tyres inflated

Tyre blowouts are very common in extreme heat. Keeping the air pressure at the suggested tyre pressure level will minimise the canche of unnecessary blowouts on the road, and trucks are busier during this season, so tyres have greater amount of damage that should be checked. 

2. Check the brakes

Warm temperatures can lead to brake wear or loss of friction when brake components can no longer absorb the extra heat. Frequently check the condition of the truck’s brakes and make check stops before starting a logistics route.

3. Climate planning

Summer brings beautiful skies and terrible storms. It can often swing between these two extremes in a matter of seconds. Check the weather beforehand to avoid possible thunderstorms or other natural phenomena. If possible, consider driving a different route to your final destination.

4. Avoid the sun

You’re probably familiar with the dreaded “trucker’s arm”, that tanned left arm that is surprisingly more tanned (or burnt) than the right due to overexposure to the sun. But apart from getting an unwanted tan, there are serious health implications when skin is not properly cared for in the sun. Simply wearing a sun cover or using window coverings can help protect from the sun’s dangerous rays. A high SPF sunscreen is also highly recommended, applied before going out on the road, and maintained every two hours. Remember also the importance of good sunglasses in the glove compartment.

5. Maintain hydration and nutrition

It is easy to forget the importance of drinking water on the road, but it is vital for your health.  Drinking water regularly is one of the best ways to prevent heat stroke. It is also good practice to eat healthy, light meals.

We hope you find it useful!


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