There are only three days left to enter the year 2022 and we are finishing 2021 as it represents us, working hard to start off on the right foot and giving our best. In the same way, we see it as very important to make a brief summary to compile everything we have done and to focus on making the coming year better than this one.



We are starting 2021 with a rebranding. We are changing our name to Alianza Logistics, as it internationalizes the organization more and is more in line with the new times and the evolution of our group of companies. In addition, we present it with a new website, created with more functionalities and a responsive design and with a full-load FTL and groupage LTL form, so that our services are available to everyone.


We reinvented our working model, implementing teleworking, running it as a hybrid model and giving employees the option of staying at home or going to the office. In this way we give greater trust among people in the company.


We created a new line of business called Alianza Partner. We put in test mode creating alliances with other companies with the aim of mutual growth, making use of all departments of the company and today we are going to provide this option with a much more defined profile.


Digitalisation is something that is in our plans every year, but we did that with the online registration of customers and suppliers through the website. This streamlines the procedures and allows everything to be in order from minute one.


We have given a facelift to our headquarters in Valencia. We went a step further and changed it, redesigning it with a new office concept that defines exactly the new way of working that we have opted for.


This year we have become more conscious than ever of the environment and the protection of the planet and we are on the way to creating a new sustainability report using GRI methodology. The numerous actions we have been implementing this year have contributed to making our business more sustainable. In addition, we have taken action in calculating our carbon footprint and planning actions to subsequently offset it.


Last but not least, we presented recognition awards to employees who have been with the Alianza family for 10 years, thanking them for the trust they have placed in the organization and for their daily work and effort. 


In between all that has happened, there have also been face-to-face meetings such as the summer lunch and the Christmas dinner where the people of the company have once again had physical contact and enjoyed pleasant moments and fun. The year 2022 is a tough one, but we will try to do better thanks to our constant teamwork. 


Happy New Year 2022


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