Each of us can take simple actions to care the planet, help people, contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals and save the world.


Some of the daily actions you can take to save the world are as follows:


1- Recycle. It is estimated that each Spanish person generates half a tonne of waste per year, but only 20% is recycled. We usually know where to throw paper, glass or batteries, but there are certain types of waste that are thrown away mixed up or badly and cannot be recycled. In order to recycle, it is important that you learn to separate properly, so that the most environmentally harmful waste can be better recycled.



2- Reuse. Reuse is a step prior to recycling. Before throwing things away, you need to think about whether you can reuse them. For example, with a few plastic bottles, you can build your own urban garden.



3- Take your shopping bags with you. To give you an idea of the damage plastic can do to the environment, you should know that it takes around 700 years to decompose. For this reason, it is essential that you learn to avoid consuming plastics, such as plastic bags. When you go shopping, take bags made of other materials (paper or cloth, for example). It is also important that you do not buy products packaged in single-use plastics.



4- Donate what you don’t use. We all have clothes, books or toys at home that are no longer in use. Donating them is a good way of helping other people and giving these objects a second chance without throwing them away.



5- Use electricity and water in a sustainable way. Saving energy and water is essential to create a healthier environment. With regard to light, turn off unused lights, use renewable energies (solar energy, for example), use energy-saving light bulbs and do not leave electrical appliances plugged in. As far as water is concerned, it is a resource that we must take great care of, so avoid taking a bath or leaving the tap running while brushing your teeth, for example.



6- Use bicycles or public transport. Environmental pollution is another of our planet’s major problems. Saving the world requires that we take care of our health and do everything we can to avoid air pollution. You can do this by cycling to work or using public transport. You will help reduce pollution, help prevent climate change and also take care of your body.



7- Buy efficient household appliances. If you have to buy electrical appliances for your home (washing machine, dryer, fridge, microwave, dishwasher, etc.) it is important that you look not only at the price, but also at energy efficiency. An efficient appliance will save you energy.



8- Moderate the temperature of heating and air conditioning. The temperature in your home should not be too low in summer or too high in winter, it is essential that it is comfortable but that energy is not wasted. For example, in summer you can maintain a temperature of between 23 and 26 degrees and in winter between 20 and 24 degrees.



9- Moderate your use of paper. It is estimated that the average family consumes the equivalent of 6 trees. Reducing paper consumption allows you to conserve trees, reduce water and electricity consumption. You can reduce consumption by avoiding printing, using electronic invoices and using recycled paper, for example.



10- Stand up for equality. The gender pay gap is a reality in many countries around the world. Women often earn 10-30% less than men in the same job and doing the same work. We can all contribute to eliminating this inequality and creating a fairer society where equality prevails.



11- Support social causes and mobilisations. There are many social causes with which you can collaborate to improve the world, including campaigns to protect certain groups in society that need help. At Educo, for example, we have created a collection of signatures to ask the Government to pass a law against child violence so that children are protected. If you want to build a world free of violence, join the campaign!



12- Collaborate with an NGO. Being supportive is a way of saving the world. To do so, you can collaborate with an NGO. For example, with Educo, you can become a member, make solidarity gifts, contribute to the Lunchroom Grants or Ella Grants, sponsor a child or make a solidarity will, among other actions.



Ultimately, it is about saving the world of the future by making the world of today better for everyone.


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