With the launch of the new Alianza Logistics website and the updated push we are giving to the company, we would like to make you aware of the responsibilities that the quality team executes.

As expected in this type of department, they are responsible for ensuring that the company’s services comply with company policies. They confirm that the company’s mission and vision are executed by all components of the company.

On the other hand, in order for our service to be the best we are guided by ten strategic lines focused inside and outside the company. These lines are:

  1. To obtain the maximum satisfaction of our clients by meeting their expectations and adapting to their guidelines.
  2. To ensure continuous improvement of the business management system and our services.
  3. Proactive attitude and dynamic actions to preserve the safety, integrity and innocuousness of the goods.
  4. Comply with current legislation, as well as with the requirements of customers and the standards implemented: UNE-EN ISO 9001(Alianza Galdatrns y Galadtrans 2009 S.L), IFS Logistics (Galadtrans 2009 S.L), QS Scheme for Food (Galadtrans 2009 S.L)  and GDP Medicines (Galadtrans2009 S.L).
  5. Supporting our employees through decent work, encouraging communication and participation, continuous training, promoting talent and professional careers, teamwork in an environment of safety and occupational risk prevention.
  6. Apply principles of corporate social responsibility by actively supporting groups in our environment.
  7. Comply to environmental protection and pollution prevention.
  8. Committed to our suppliers through a fair price for the services they provide us with and clarity in communication.
  9. Application of ethical principles in contracting with clients and suppliers, respecting human rights at all times.
  10. Anti-corruption attitude.

In conclusion, for the company this department is fundamental, on the one hand to comply with all legal regulations and to be able to execute our service correctly and to focus the objective on the continuous help, improvement and motivation of the great human team of Alianza Logistics.

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