Being the way we are means that our work is not the same every day, which is why we make a difference


1. Reconciliation: People are their circumstances, so we do not hesitate to support them, and in this way, adapt the working day to their needs, so that they can reconcile work and family life.

2. Teleworking: We are expanding teleworking in response to the current situation and we are committed to a work model based on responsibility and trust.

3. Social benefits: Possibility of taking out company health insurance.

4. Incentives: Targets are very important within the company, and incentives provide the necessary motivation to achieve them.

5. Labour recognition: It is one of the keys to being committed to employees, improving productivity, promoting skills and innovation; and the most important thing to have happier workers in our organization.

6. Onboarding and Mentoring: We accompany the candidate from the beginning, conducting several interviews, tests and follow-ups so that their incorporation does not lack detail and is successful. Once in the organisation, we create a Mentoring Plan according to the characteristics of the employee and the position, we assign a Mentor and we take care of monitoring the entire plan.

7. Training plan: A set of actions aimed at improving the qualities and skills of employees. The main objectives will focus on the main needs that employees have.

8. Career plan: Process linked to the management of human talent in the company. It helps to plan the employee’s future development and growth through the necessary guidance and training, establishing professional goals and objectives.

9. Extracurricular internships: Collaboration with study centres for internships in different areas and positions.

10. Teamwork: It is our way of harnessing talent, essential if we are to compete more effectively and efficiently.









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